A Fan’s Version of The Hunger Games – Katniss and Rue

I love the Hunger Games and I can’t wait for the movie to come out.  A year ago, I found the video below of a fan’s take on Rue’s death.  I had watched a lot of fan versions of the film but none of them affected me the way this one did.  I pray with all my might the official film is this intense and heart-wrenching.  In anticipation of the real Hunger Games movie, I had to post this again.  After you watch it, please click around on other films these actors put together, including the behind the scenes video.  I love seeing young people getting involved in the arts.  And to think this video stemmed from a fan’s love of a great literary series.  And who says teens don’t read?  I can only hope that my book will someday affect someone with such intensity and passion.

I think I have to warn you the video is a little violent and bloody, but so is The Hunger Games.  Great tribute to Suzanne Collins.

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