New Blogfest Contest by the fantastic Brenda Drake!

I have got to say, I love these contests Brenda Drake has on her blog.  What a great way to meet other authors and test the waters with snippets of what you’ve written.  This new contest is a great one:  Can we guess your character’s age?

I love the idea of this contest because, while we may know how old our characters are, we may not have conveyed it well to the reader.  I know that was a problem a publisher had with my novel – inconsistencies in ‘voice’.  Sometimes my MC sounded younger, sometimes older than he was.  After this was pointed out to me, I saw it crystal clear.  But not all of us are lucky enough to get a manuscript redlined for us with all the things that need to be improved.  That’s why I love this new contest Brenda has.

If you are a writer, you should give this a whirl to see if your character’s voice matches his/her age.  What a great lesson to learn before you send your MS out to an agent and/or publisher.

Thanks, Brenda, and I can’t wait for the contest to begin!  It’s going to be tons of fun to read other excerpts and guess the ages of the characters.

2 thoughts on “New Blogfest Contest by the fantastic Brenda Drake!

  1. What she said. I couldn’t say it better than that. The contest came from a spur of the moment game by an agent at a conference. We read our first lines and she told us how old she thought our characters were. It was eye opening to find out that I had it all wrong. I love to help other writers, so I’m pleased you enjoy my contests! Thanks! ❤


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