Row80 update for 11-20-2011

Wow, I’ve been really slacking here with my updates.  I’ve been so entrenched in the re-writes for my novel, I’ve completely missed the last 3 check ins.  Bad Jenny. Bad. Bad.  (why do I suddenly feel like Dobby, the house elf?)

The edits I had to do involved deleting irrelevant scenes and adding new scenes that would build my two worlds simultaneously.  It has proven to be more time-consuming than I first believed.  Now, with the the scenes re-written, I am over my word count, so now I have to go back and find where I can cut about 5,000 words.  not easy, but it can be done.

So, going forward, my goals for this coming week are:

1.  finish the edits and send to beta readers for final comments.

2.  visit my favorite blogs (I have about 5 I keep up with every day) and leave comments.

3.  Find 2 more blogs to read and comment on.

4.  start making some dishes ahead of time for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, so I’m not cooking all day long.

5.  Try to write more on NaNo.  I’ve sort of fallen behind there.

6.  Prepare for another awesome visit from my 3 year old granddaughter.

7.  Finish reading North! or Be Eaten by Andrew Peterson (awesome series – The Wingfeather Saga).

I think that does it for me.  Hopefully, I can keep up.