Row80 check-in – My 3-year old grand-daughter kicked my muse’s butt

I’m a little bummed out this week that I didn’t come anywhere close to meeting my goals for writing.  I have just over 12500 words for NaNo.  I have done very few revisions on my MS to resubmit to publisher and have written maybe 120 words on my short to submit to a publisher.  I lovingly blame all of this on my 3 -year old grand-daughter who came to visit for several days.

The great thing is…I don’t regret a minute I spent with her and away from the computer and I will gladly put aside my writing to spend valuable time with her.  I have another 5 days to look forward to with her before she and her mom (my daughter) move to Seattle, WA, so I can foresee my muse running away again around Thanksgiving as well.  It’s all good, though, because I can always write and NaNo will be around next year if I don’t hit my goal this year.  I won’t always get a chance to be with my family and my sweet little baby girl  who is growing up too darn fast.

Since my grand-daughter left, I have done some amazing revisions on my  novel and am about ready to send out to my beta readers for their opinions.  I really want a publishing contract by Christmas.  I’m praying really hard that the publisher likes the changes and decides to take me on.

That’s really all that’s been going on with me.  Would love to hear what you guys have been up to.