All you need is a little talent and a whole lot of passion

I had the extreme pleasure of seeing the beautiful, amazing, and multi-talented Josh Groban perform last night in Tampa, Florida.

From the instant that strains of Straight to You resounded in the arena to the ending notes of Play Me, the evening was pure magic!!! Josh connects with the audience in a way I have never seen; bringing fans on stage, alternating between two stages, drawing the crowd into the music.  He pulled a 9-year old girl and a couple married for 46 years onto the stage and sang a duet of The Prayer with a girl from the audience.  While I’m sure the duet was arranged and ‘staged’, it was entertaining nonetheless.  He has a quirky sense of humor and interacted with the audience a lot.

Besides the large variety of beautiful vocals, he can also play a wicked set of drums.

But beyond all of the reasons people flocked to see him, there was something else about him that touched my soul:  his passion for what he does.  It came through in every note, from Galileo to Broken Vow, to Machine to Bells of New York City.  I realized as I listened to Josh sing and watched as he interacted with his fans, no matter how much training we have, no matter how much we say we want to be successful or need to be a certain way, without passion to drive us, all our wants mean nothing.  We can have all the talent in the world, but without passion, who will see it?

Josh’s show was unforgettable.  He sang his heart out and in doing so, fueled the already burning passion within me to write.  I may never be famous.  I may never make millions from my novels, but I will leave this earth one day knowing that pieces of my heart and soul are buried between every word of every story I write.  Other than my kids, I can’t think of a better legacy to leave behind.

What about you?  What are you passionate about and who inspires you to follow your dreams?


4 thoughts on “All you need is a little talent and a whole lot of passion

  1. I am the Dad of the young lady who sang with Josh in Tampa. While I am thrilled you thought it was arranged and staged, I can truly tell you it was just what it was. She texted him before the show and did not know she would have this once in a lifetime opportunity until her name was mentioned. I promise this is the truth.


    1. This is really wonderful to hear!!! There was one girl who was traveling around with Josh’s show who did the same thing as your daughter at many different shows. She’s all over You Tube. I am glad this was a genuine event and your daughter was blessed with a truly amazing event. Very lucky girl, indeed, and what a beautiful voice. 🙂 Thank you for clearing up the matter for me. It is something she will never forget.


  2. I find there is something inside of me that drives me forward. Sometimes when I neglect it for too long I become depressed. My wife even notices and will give me space to write until I begin to feel better.

    Thank you for an example of someone who can take this passion and thrill thousands of people.


    1. You’re welcome, Aaron. I’ve heard the same thing from other people who are passionate about something, whether it’s exercise, writing, painting, etc. When you don’t follow through on that passion, you feel like something is missing from your life. I could no more go a day without writing as I could go a day without breathing. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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