Time for first Row80 Check-in!

Wow, I can’t believe 3 days  have gone by since I signed up for Row80.  Time to hold myself accountable for my actions (or lack of them, if that’s the case).

I have completed 2 beta reads so far. They were short stories but reads nonetheless.  I also helped out another beta partner on a 300 word contest entry and fell in love with the excerpt.  I also helped same beta partner with a 50-word synopsis of her novel.  Why am I better at helping other writers with their story than I am with writing my own 50-word synopsis for my own?

I have read through my first 10 chapters of my novel, and have cut, re-written, re-fined and edited to the bone.  I don’t think I can get it any tighter.  I have now taken Chapters 11 – 20 and am working on those as a box-set.  It’s coming together but taking longer than I had hoped.  I am really shooting to have this section done by Saturday.

Still no luck finding a job.  I think God wants me to be a writer and published author.

I am re-tweaking two, 300-word pieces (one a flash fiction, the other an excerpt of a kid novel I started years ago called Monsters Don’t Cry).  Don’t know which one I want to use for a contest.  Hopefully will throw them out to a couple of beta readers by the end of the week so I can decide which one I want to use for a contest.

Trying but failing to write a synopsis and query I love.  I would rather give birth to a baby elephant than write these darn things.  I realize that I had to tweak  my plot a bit to make the synopsis come together more, which is a great thing about editing.  I know the direction I need to take.  It’s finding the right, catchy words necessary to get there and pique interest.

Other than that, nothing much brewing on the writer front.  Personal life is going better.  I swear I have earth angels, as well as heavenly angels, watching over me and my family.  I could not ask for better friends.  I have surrounded myself with beautiful, wonderful people.  If I accomplish nothing else in life, this will be enough.  Thank you, God, for these amazing souls.  I am truly blessed.

Ok, off to writing, in between grilling ribs and baking up so zucchini for dinner.  Will check back in on Sunday.


12 thoughts on “Time for first Row80 Check-in!

  1. Your line about giving birth to a baby elephant was hilarious, thanks for that. I am attempting to write a query letter for a kids book and it is just not working out like I want =( Good luck on your projects!


  2. It’s so much easier to be objective about other people’s work. We can’t judge our own stuff.

    Job hunting sucks. we moved from an area with few job prospects to a place with too many openings and not enough housing.

    As for your own synposis and query, don’t focus on perfection. Go with good enough. If you wait until it’s perfect you’ll never send it out. *good enough still gets gold stars*


    1. Thanks, Asrai. I’ve sent out the query and synopsis several times, all of them but one ended in rejection. The one who didn’t reject, asked for a full and then sent back a MS streaked with red and an offer to re-submit. I’m stoked. I’m just trying to incorporate their suggestions into my query and synopsis. I read so many other ones and I’m amazed by their cleverness with words. I’m not a marketer. That’s why this is really hard for me.


    1. yes, I think Row80 is a great idea. I’m preparing myself for NaNo, though. I’ve never ‘forced’ myself like that competition will. I pray I’m up for it. Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by.


  3. Yummy! I want ribs!

    Great going so far, Jen! If you want help on your 300 words, or your synopsis, I am TOTALLY here for you! I can’t write ’em as good as you, but I’ve gotten better at cropping them down.


    1. I’m better at writing yours than I am at writing mine! LOL!!! what is wrong with this picture. I will so run them by you and see which one you like more. Probably pop them over tomorrow night.

      Thanks for replying to Tristan. He’s a great guy with a great novel.


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