WriteOnCon 2011 Free Web Conference!

WriteOnCon is having their annual live conference for writers of children’s books.  This includes picture books to middle grade to young adult.

Live events include:

• Tuesday, August 16, 11 AM (EDT): Live Picture Book Query Critiques by bestselling author Emma Walton Hamilton.

• Tuesday, August 16, 8 PM (EDT): Live Q&A session with literary agent Jessica Sinsheimer

 Wednesday, August 17, 11 AM (EDT): Live “Twitter pitch” (pitch in 140 characters or less) + the First 100 Words of your MS Critiques/Comments by literary agents Carlie Webber and Christina Hogrebe

• Thursday, August 18, 10 AM (EDT): Live 250-word Pitch Critiques/Comments by literary agent Alyssa Eisner-Henkin

 Thursday, August 18, 5 PM (EDT): Live YA Query Critiques by literary agent Roseanne Wells

Head on over to www.writeoncon.com to read all about  this fabulous event that is free!  Yes, free!  How often is it that authors can get inside the minds of agents and publishers, especially for free?  While you’re over at writeoncon, don’t forget to enter the Reading Room:

Enter The Reading Room / WriteOnCon $1,000 Writing Contest of Awesome for your chance to win $1,000 (duh!) and your very own author profile page at TheReadingRoom.com.The amazing literary agent Catherine Drayton is judging all of the entries and will select five finalists to post on The Reading Room’s site. And you’ll be able to vote on the winner starting August 18th! I have to say it’s fascinating to see which entries Catherine likes the best. You won’t want to miss this! The contest will close August 17th, so hurry up and submit your first 500 words TODAY!

I have participated in many WriteOnCon events and this one is sure to be fantastic!  Sign up and hopefully I’ll see you there!!!

One thought on “WriteOnCon 2011 Free Web Conference!

  1. OMIGOSH! I want to post my query, but I think my query actually stinks worse now than it did when I first started writing queries! Ugh! At least I have until 9:00 tomorrow night now. Thank God for system crashes!


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