Finding Balance

I have to hand it to my husband and my kids.  They have learned to live ‘without’ me for several years while I secluded myself in front of my computer typing out words that may or may not ever see the light of day.  They have sacrificed so much for me so I can follow my dream.

Of course, they have delusions of grandeur:  a mansion by the sea, millions of readers, multi-million dollar movie contracts and let’s not forget the action figure series.  And they think it will all happen within the next year.  Ha ha ha ha ha…

Well, I guess it could happen.  I mean, why not, right?

But even if it doesn’t, we all must not lose touch with what is really important in all this writing frenzy I’ve created.  For me, it’s God, family and friends.  Those are the three forces that drive me and keep me grounded, which means there are times I have to pull myself out of Chapter 1,900,084,000,002 (well, sometimes it feels like that many), and spend some time with God and my family.  Every once in awhile, I have to talk to my better half and my youngins, go to the movies (HP final chapter was amazing), or the bowling alley, or the park.

Don’t get me wrong. The writer is always writing within me.  I’ll watch some kids or other parents play at the park, or eavesdrop on a group of teenagers and listen to the way they talk and what they talk about.  I’m always listening, watching.  Sometimes, I even step back and look at my own family and marvel at how lucky I am to have them.  Even in the bad times, we still stick together and I have to say, all of my four kids are simply amazing and wonderful and I couldn’t ask for better, more spectacular, different, challenging human beings to call my own.

My hubby is the best.  I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve crept into bed at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning after writing my heart out for seven hours, so careful not to wake him.  He has been more than patient with me and my imaginary friends.  We’ve had our moments where it didn’t seem we were going to make it, but here we are, 20 years later and we haven’t abandoned each other yet so I doubt we ever will.

This weekend I’m taking off to Orlando to see a friend of mine that is flying in from NY.  My mother-in-law, whom I love like a second mom, is going with.  It will be a perfect girls weekend.  I’ll get away from my book and the pressures of finding a job, and take a moment of time to relax, recuperate and get a new hold on life and start back fresh on Monday.  Balancing the seesaw of life.

I love my family, my friends and especially God for giving them, and my talent as a writer, to me.  I think, some day, I’ll have to write a story about it all.  Right now, I’m just going to sit back and think about how great my life is right now.  *sigh*  It doesn’t get much better than this.

Well, until I get that publishing contract…


6 thoughts on “Finding Balance

  1. Hey, Jenny, you have it absolutely right there. This compulsion has to be balanced with the other important things in life. There are benefits for the friends and family that make sacrifices to support their writer. It’s a joyride, a permanent lottery ticket, a great hope, a source of pride. Those golden words – ‘My partner / mum, dad is an author’.
    And we mustn’t forget to thank our families for their sacrifice and support.


  2. Make yourself a little note, or set an alarm to come back and read this post at least once a week, In fact… read in again now. Remember that everything you say in here is absolutely true in your heart, and that is what will keep you going any time things get tough. And when things aren’t tough, it will just put a smile on your face.


  3. i always love your posts jen 🙂
    i love how you say the writer within is always writing! I get the balance problems, wanting to write but having to wait. Work and children for you is exams and ‘rents for me 😉
    keep the up the good work, your blog always makes me smile!!


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