Speed-dating . . . literary style

Got this idea off BookEnds LLC and thought how fun it would be for all my author buddies to participate and do the same.  Please copy and paste the questions, leave your answers on this blog and then copy and post to yours with a link back.

As we all know, the idea of speed dating is get to know your prospective date in 10 minutes.  Author Speed Date works in much the same way.  This should be fun!

Name (the one you write under):  J. Keller Ford

Speed date Bio (one or two lines):   Actively seeking full-time job by day, mom and YA fantasy writer with a voracious appetite for books 24/7.

Web Linkhttps://jennykellerford.wordpress.com

Next Book, pub date (if any):  In the Shadow of the Dragon King, (submitting)

Agent: seeking

About Me

Real Name or Pseudonym:   J. Keller Ford (pseudonym/maiden name),  Jenny Michaud (what friends and family call me).

Most recently read book:  Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

Currently ReadingVienna Twilight by Frank Tallis

Next on Your Reading ListThe Debutante by Kathleen Tesssaro

Facebook or Twitter (include account name): Facebook as Jenny Michaud (aka J. Keller Ford); Twitter:  jkellerford

Three authors living or dead you would want to have dinner with: Robert Ludlum, Raymond Feist, J.K. Rowling.

Jet-setter or armchair traveler:  Would love to jet-set, can only afford the armchairs at the moment.

Glass ½ full or ½ empty:  Is it water or wine?

Tea or Coffee:  coffee in the morning, tea the rest of the day

Live to write or Write to live:  Always live to write.

About My Writing

When (time of day) I write:  Lately it is all day, every day.

Writing soundtrack:  classical guitar, instrumental Celtic, sometimes Michael Bublé.

Character Inspirations:  Every single person I hear or see.

Plot Inspirations:  real life situations, kids’ and teenagers’  imaginations.

Setting Inspirations:  real life, dreams, my imagination

Plotter (carefully plot books) or Pantser (write from the seat of my pants):   A little of both.  I know where I want to go with my stories, but I let my characters lead me there.  Then I edit.

Your turn!