June Blog Chain – Absolute Write

Wow, this one almost got by me.

This month’s blog chain on AW is about locations.  Participants have to write a location description, and make us feel as if we are there. No dialogue, no introductory comments, just a location. We’re the tourists, you’re the guide.

So, with that said, here is one of my locations from my novel, In the Shadow of the Dragon King.


David and Charlotte hiked along the forest path, their footsteps pounding the moist earth. Up ahead, Twiller waddled along, whistling a strange, yet familiar tune. Every now and then he’d glance over his shoulder, as if ascertaining his companions still followed. The path was not unlike those found in the mountains back home, sometimes narrow, sometimes wide, always up and down and winding. More than once, the forest opened on to lush, green meadows, only to close in around them again, swaddling them in a sort of dark, spiritual cocoon.

They soon came to a wide, arched stone bridge and stood for a moment, mesmerized by the roar of Grandeau Falls as it cascaded into the cerulean blue lake below. Cedar trees, showered by the constant spray, stood like silent giants along the bank. Spongy moss in an array of color carpeted the ground, ran up tree trunks, and over the rock’s face. Large boulders, like giant turtles, poked their smooth backs from the pool’s depth. Creeks and streams flecked with sunlight fingered off in every direction.

Twiller tugged on David’s sleeve, a signal to keep moving. Beneath the thick canopy of blue green foliage, David sensed a difference in this part of the forest than the one they’d left behind. It seemed as if a thousand watchful eyes were upon them, guiding and protecting them. Around them the katydids and crickets stepped up their twilight serenade.

Soon the path opened onto a glade backed by a mountain wall. Ferns of green, yellow and red grew from the cracks and crevices of the grey rock. Deer nestled on the woodland floor. David and Charlotte followed Twiller toward the mountain and stopped before an archway of wisteria, their branches braided so tight to each other, their crowns and aromatic lavender blooms so full and thick that no light penetrated the walkway underneath. Twiller motioned them inside and led them down a gold, mossy path. David looked behind him as the dense lavender curtain fell over the entrance placing them in complete darkness.


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27 thoughts on “June Blog Chain – Absolute Write

  1. I always thin kthe best descriptions are ones that force similar memories ot the surface. Like your story here. As I’m reading it I suddenly start to remember a time when I was walking up a mountain path, and that makes it more real for me. I’ve felt that feeling of a dark, spiritual cocoon while walking through the woods, so I can relate to it.

    I know I’m a little late but I’m trying to catch up here 🙂

    I like the login plugin you have for the comments, too. Where’d you get it?


  2. ooo, beautiful scene! and I agree with alex, it does remind me of the blog background (which is also beautiful) 🙂 this is a very relaxing moment in the story (funny after most people have posted dark and scary scenes!)


  3. I love how you’ve hidden the sound inthis. I had to read it a second time to find out where you put it. They tell us to make sure to write for all the senses, but sometimes implied description is more powerful.
    I could hear this whole scene. Nicely done.


  4. Wonderful description, Jenny. And very visualistic. It brings back a dream I once had. I want to go to this place. It sounds so beautiful and majestic.


  5. Very interesting. It’s as if they were walking through a dangerous part of the woods and then entered into a safe part the woods only they didn’t realize it until they actually entered the safe part of the woods.


  6. Nice! Your post is actually very in tune with the background image of your blog, which seems like moss-covered stone to these eyes. And I love the name Twiller. Is he/she some kind of fantasy creature, or just an odd human?


    1. Thanks, Alex!. Twiller is a meadow gnome, not to be confused with garden gnomes who are “…nasty, smelly, insignificant, despicable creatures with vile habits.”


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