Debut Authors: Add to Must-Read Lists!

Ask any new author what their most difficult challenge is and they will tell you marketing . . .  getting noticed.  Most authors will say they would much rather focus on writing and have a team of marketing experts do the rest.  Every day, new authors emerge on the scene, vying for their fifteen-minutes of fame in the spotlight.  Some will make it, most will not.  Even authors who hold out and wait for a contract with one of the big seven soon realize what self-published authors have known for a long time – that much of the marketing of their novel lies with them.  Sadly, many great authors go by the wayside because they don’t know how to pat themselves on the back or market themselves through blogs or online socializing sites like Facebook or Twitter.

And then there are those authors who have found the happy medium:  indie publishers.  These authors get the benefit of traditional publishing:  editors, marketing department, book cover artists, etc., but they are also willing to leap through fire and do whatever it takes to make sure their novels are noticed.

That’s where I come in.  I’m an author, content editor and a word-of-mouth marketer.   Nothing can make someone buy something faster than hearing their friend or family member say, “You have GOT to try this!” or “OMG, did you see that movie?  It was so awesome!” or “I read that book in one night.  I couldn’t put it down.”

As an author and aspiring novelist, I like to participate in writer’s workshops, online writing sites and attending writer’s conferences.  I have met some amazing authors along the way, and in the past several months, I have seen many of these aspiring writers fulfill a life-long dream:  to become published authors.  As a member of the writing community, I have had the chance to read their writings while still in their infancy.  I’ve seen stories grow from unformulated ideas into beautifully executed plots, leaving me captivated and spell-bound and wanting more. So, when three authors active on Scribophile (one of which I followed across three online writer’s sites), were picked up by a new, emerging indie publisher, J. Taylor Publishing, I took notice.  What was it about these three authors out of all the authors on the website that stood out to this publisher?   In short, they are all darn good writers of paranormal romance and/or urban fantasy.  I know.  I’ve had the pleasure of reading some of their works.  So, if you like werewolves, shape-shifters, or mind-benders and hidden fairy realms, jot these titles down and add these debut authors to your collection.

Darkness and Light (A Holloway Pack Story, #1)   by J.A. Belfield   Release Date:  July 1, 2011

Jem Stonehouse, a housewife with a neurotic husband bent on keeping her in line, dreams about werewolves in, what she believes to be, a bid to escape boredom. Sean Holloway is a werewolf, living a charade within the human race, whose mind drifts to a bond he shares with a woman he hasn’t met—at least, not in this lifetime.   Read more

Little White Lies (Mimics of Rune #1)   by Aimee Laine   Release Date:  July 1, 2011

When the government needs a body double for a covert operation, they hire shape-shifter Charley Randall. For two centuries, she’s played every part from foreign dignitary to office drone. The role she wants most, though, is one she’s denied herself three times already. FBI Agent Wyatt Moreland believes Charley’s photographic memory is the key to his latest assignment. He’s oblivious to the true extent of her abilities, but he can’t deny the sense of déjà vu at their introduction. Read more

The Glass Man (A Lila Gray Novel, #1)   By Jocelyn Adams   Release Date:  October 15, 2011

Lila Gray is just a human—at least that’s her mantra when she accidentally topples a building or bends a paranoid local’s gun into modern art. That she can sense and control the minds around her doesn’t prove anything, either. Unwilling to put others at risk, she hides in the wilderness from the beautiful creature who hunts her, one who sees her as his ultimate prize. Alone, the egocentric Glass Man can kill with a thought. Mated with Lila, he’s a supernatural weapon prepared to annihilate the humans he loathes. Read more

These novels are incredible, page-turning reads.  They will leave you hungering for more.  The prose is elegant.  The romance, haunting.  Each will keep you up until the wee hours of morning, unable to put them down.  The beautiful thing is, each one of these authors have additional works in progress, so this isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of them.  They are definitely authors to watch.

There are some other debut authors I have my eye on and will talk about them closer to the release of their debut novels.  One of them, a Young Adult fantasy author, was recently signed by Zondervan Publishing, a division of Harper Collins.  Her series is sure to give teens a few new idols and Stephenie Meyer a run for her money.

6 thoughts on “Debut Authors: Add to Must-Read Lists!

  1. So excited to buy these books 🙂 And what an awesome post to highlight the amazing talent of all three ladies. I think its important for writers to support other writers and it’s nice to see these fabulous authors getting the attention their writing deserves.


  2. I think it’s great that you’re supporting excellent, self-published authors.
    And what you mentioned at the beginning of the post about authors – even if published traditionally – being left with a lot of the marketing, I believe that to be fact. Actually, that’s part of that reason why I chose to self-publish my first mystery (which just came out last week).


  3. Hey, great post! Thanks so much for the kind words and mention of my book. I’m humbled to be among the talented authors J. Taylor is debuting. 😀


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