March Live Event

Featuring literary agents Jim McCarthy and Michael Bourret. 

Topic: Getting started in today’s market.

Live event is on Monday, March 28 at 5 PM EST.

 Find out more information here:

Create Your Own Adventure Contest

Ok, there is this great little contest going on over at Adventures in Agentland.    (

You know those fun stories where you have a bunch a people and one starts off a story and each person adds a line or two to the story?  The fun thing about it is you have no idea where the story is going to go.  Well, that’s what’s going on here, and let me tell you, the story is hysterical!   I put my two-cents in there about Prince Littlehorn.

Come on all you writers out there, join in.  This is fun stuff!  Oh, and good luck!!

Rules for contest and prizes (from the website):

To re-iterate and clear up the rules:
To enter the contest, post a comment continuing the story. It can go in any direction you wish – no preparation necessary. You MUST, however, continue on from the previous poster. Minimum entry length is one sentence; maximum length is three sentences.

For example:

My post: I love dogs.
Entrant: This is what I thought as I walked down the path.
Your post: And then a magical LEOPLURIDON jumped out!
Next Entrant: He showed me the way to Magic Mountain.

Obviously, I’m going for fun here, so have FUN with your post. I will randomly select THREE winners from those who post before Friday, March 25th at Midnight PST.

The winners will be announced on Monday, March 28th.
Each winner will have a choice of:
Treasure 1: Hidden Gems – query and first twenty page critique
Treasure 2: Sustenence for Future Quests – $5 Starbucks card and a brainstorm via chat session on whatever you like for 30min
Treasure 3: Gold – $15 Amazon gift card