I cannot believe it is March already!

Where is this year going?   My synopses don’t have that sizzle I want.  My query letters need polish and I’m already beyond my time I wanted to start sending my novel out to agents.  All I can hear in my head is ‘time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future.’  (Thanks, Steve Miller, for that one.)

Yesterday I did manage to read an Artemis Fowl book, write 3 chapters.  I did some editing for a client and did two reviews, so it’s not like I’m NOT working or perfecting my craft or writing.  I simply need help.  I need to stop time, but my timestopper is broken.  (Anyone have one I can borrow, please?)  Oh, and I need an automatic synopsis and query writer program.  You know the ones.  They’re called magic wands.  No?  Don’t have one?  Oh well.  Re-assess.  I suppose I’ll set another goal for the beginning of May to start querying agents.  Seems logical, do-able and attainable.  Come on, determination.  Let’s go.

I’m curious.  What happens when you don’t meet your goals?  What tools (internal and external) do you use to determine how long it will take you to meet those goals.  Do you just pick a day or is there a method to your madness?