Great Post by Rachelle Gardner

Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent extraordinaire, had a great post on competition and standing out from the crowd. As she said in her post: “As the competition gets stiffer, the judges are looking at more nuanced details of performance—pitch, harmonizing, stage presence, uniqueness, overall appeal. And each performer is not just being evaluated on their own merits, but measured against everyone else’s.”

How so very, very true, especially in today’s writer’s market. There is so much talent out there but for me, it’s not the competition I fear. It is my own lack of confidence. Deep down inside, I know I have a great novel, the plots and themes so intricately woven, my characters believable and loveable, and yet…?

What if no one likes it but me? What if it’s not good enough? Even after countless beta readers, published authors and teens (my target audience) have said go for it – submit – they’d buy and recommend – I still find things I want to change and perfect. And yet I know it will never be perfect. Perfection is subjective, even to me, depending on full moon and hormones. No, I fear it is my own worst critic – me – who will keep me from succeeding, not the competition.

Geez, my muse and I must sit down and have a long talk. 🙂

As Rachelle asked in her post, does the idea of competition scare you, or inspire you to keep working hard, or… what?