Have you ever tired of reading your own novel?

My answer to that question is ‘yes’! I’ve absolutely gotten tired of reading my own novel. After about the 3 thousandth edit I started wondering if my characters have always been so two-dimensional or the plot lines so predictable. Sometimes I am certain that I’ve spent many years on 90k words of drivel and not a single word is worthwhile.

That is until I hear from beta readers who tell me they can’t stop thinking about my novel, even when they aren’t trying to think about it. Yes, there are some minor tweaks that need to be done but overall, the story is compelling and impossible to put down.

Wow! What a compliment! Comments like this make me so happy. But if they make me happy, why do I feel like heaving the entire manuscript into the shredder? Oh, trust me I won’t do that because I believe in my novel. Could it be a sign meant to convince me my work is done and it’s time to move on? I have moved on by the way. Book 2 is about half done and I will soon seek beta readers for it. Maybe by the time I’ve finished book 2, book 1 will regain its appeal, at least for me.

What about you? Do you ever tire of reading your own writing?