Do you ever . . . ?

Do you ever act out what your characters are doing or saying just so you can get the scene right on paper?

I have had arguments out loud with myself so I can hear the inflections and get the wording right between feuding characters. I’ve stripped bark and watched the sap flow. I’ve run my hands over buildings, leather bindings, etc. with my eyes closed so I could describe the textures. I’ve fenced. I’ve shot both recurve and compound bows to understand the differences and the way they handle. I talk out whole scenes of dialogue in the shower. I watch my boys rough-house so I can understand fighting in its most simplistic forms, all the while taking note of the way a foot moves, the way a body rolls, the sound a fist makes when it finds its target.

Do you ever research sensations and other details by doing silly things just to find out if your characters ‘got it right?”