My muse is thankful Christmas is over

I’ve searched for her for over a week now but with all the family and guests and new dog in the house, she hid from me. This morning, she peeked out from the covers, smiled and led me to the computer where it appears we are back on track. Whew! I panic when my muse leaves me. I kept thinking I was going to float back down into that deep, black abyss of writer’s block that plagued me about a 8 months ago.

Oh, that was an awful time, staring at my computer, my novel, and there was nothing firing. It was if my brain turned off and I couldn’t find the light switch to turn it back on. I don’t know why the muse left. Maybe she needed a vacation. All I know is I felt lost without her. During this dark time, I re-read what I’d written, looking for ambiguities. I though maybe I’d written my characters into a corner from which there was no escape. Maybe . . . maybe I’d lost my passion to write! *GASP*. No! Here I was in the middle of my second novel in the Chronicles of Fallhollow series, the follow-up novel to the

    In the Shadow of the Dragon King

and I’d lost my fire, my passion, my drive. What was I to do?

I ended up throwing myself into two editing jobs for two other books, the anthology by the International Association of Aspiring Authors, “Glimpses”, and the upcoming novel by Ryan Hoover, “Immortal Implements”. Amazingly, I discovered my passion wasn’t gone, it was only diverted into another passion: helping others perfect their own works. Coaching them, helping them with content. After these other passions were explored and fulfilled, my muse came back and I have been diligently typing away on the second and third novel in the 3-part series.

I’m very happy my muse stayed close to home this past week, allowing me to focus on my family, friends. But now that she’s back . . . watch out 2011. We’re both back and it’s going to be a hell of a year for both of us! First step: agent. Second step: publisher. Third step: book in hand! Fourth step? One Big Party!

So, how did you manage to write during the holiday season or did your inspiration get up and leave, too?