My Writing Desk

My kitchen table is where I write.  I face a window that looks onto my side yard, and just outside my window is a mess of night-blooming jasmine.  Who needs fake air freshener when you have this glorious plant about?  I love bringing fresh-cut sprigs inside to permeate my home.  But I digress.

I am surrounded by books.   Lots and lots of books.  Some I’ve read a gazillion times, so much the covers are cracked and the pages are falling out.  Others are pristine, beautiful, never opened, waiting for me to visit them someday.  I have hardbacks, paperbacks.  Most belong to me.  Others belong to the library.  I have a thesaurus that is literally broken in two but I can’t part with it.  We’ve been through a lot together.  The genres are many though I would have to say most are fantasy, paranormal or mystery thrillers.  About half are considered Young Adult or New Adult fiction. 

I always read multiple books at one time; how many and what genre really depends on my mood.  Rarely do I reach for anything biographical or non-fiction.  I deal with enough reality during my day.  When I relax, I want my books to take me away.

I keep these books around not only for relaxation but to help me write.  Sometimes I’ll go back to a book and read a passage to see how that particular author wrote a scene or how his/her choice of words spun the tale so magically.  I study it, read, and reread until I can decipher and take away from it something I can use to use for my own story. 

I think it is essential for writers, especially aspiring authors, to first, read a lot and then second, to write a lot.  I never met another author who didn’t devour the written word as much as (s)he wrote them.  Never copy another author’s voice or style.  As a writer you have your own to contend with.  Never lose your passion and most of all, believe in yourself.  Perhaps someday your book will be on someone’s nightstand or kitchen table, its binding cracked, the pages highlighted and tagged, your words an inspiration to another.  We can only dream.

So, what’s on your ‘writing desk’?