Which do you prefer? hardback, paperback . . . or Kindle?

So, I looked at a Kindle yesterday and in one instant I decided it wasn’t for me.  There is something about holding a real book in my hands that I just can’t get from an electronic device.  Oh, I see all the great things about it, but the pluses weren’t enough to sway me to buy one.  The experience did leave me with the question running around in  my mind – since I don’t like electronic reading devices, what do I prefer to read . . . hardbacks or paperbacks?

Without a doubt, hardbacks are my favorite.  Hardbacks are ‘classic’ and they represent to me the ‘first print.’  Paperbacks have always seemed to me to be the ‘re-release’ of the book world, you know, like the dollar movie on its second and third run.  I know a lot of folks love paperbacks and there is nothing wrong with them.  I own quite a few, but I really like the weight, the meat of a hardback.  I also like the way they look on my book shelves.  🙂

I also like to collect books and am lucky to own several hardbacks with suede, leather, and engraved covers.  They’re old and beautiful to look at.  You just can’t get that with a paperback.

What about you?  Which do you prefer and why?


4 thoughts on “Which do you prefer? hardback, paperback . . . or Kindle?

  1. I’m inclined to agree with you, Jenn. There is something about reading a hardcover book with its robust spine and rigid construction, it’s thicker pages, that make me feel like I’m REALLY READING A BOOK. A paperback, though I would never turn my nose up at one, conveys the words but not that feeling. Reading a classic in paperback is almost like reading it in the newspaper by comparison.

    But oddly enough, I disagree about electronic readers. I’m such a junkie for getting words in my head via “print” that I’m definitely planning to get a Kindle (actually a Kobo because of its display). Reading an e-book has even less appeal than a paperback to me, but if I can download War and Peace for $1.49, then I’m all over it.


    1. Let me know how you like it. I just can’t help but think of the longevity of a book over an electronic reader. When our world, as we know it, ends, electronic readers will be nothing more than useless parts. Books last forever. They are history. It is truly the written word. There is something powerful that stirs within me when I hold a book in my hand that is 200 years old. I can’t even describe it. I just don’t get that when I hold a piece of plastic. And, to tell you the truth, after reading a computer screen all day. . . it is nice to sit down with real pages that don’t glare back at me. I also love the sound that accompanies a turning page. I love the musty smell they get after years of existence. Ah, I’m simply a romantic at heart and I’m in love with good old fashioned books. It would take something truly remarkable to sway me from this love of my life. 🙂


  2. Books, in any shape or form. I have to adore an author before I will part with my money for them, but that has more to do with shortage of funds over lack of support. There is only one author I have ever bought in hardback; all of my others are in paperback. Paperback are less painful when you fall asleep reading and they clunk you on the head :). But with books, you get that smell which a screen lacks, especially with a new book. With a new book comes that fresh off the print scent which brings comfort during your reading hours, like you’re being enveloped by an old friend. You simply cannot beat it 🙂


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