Contest for Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Romance Writers

From time to time, I will post contests on my blog because I think entering them is a great way to gain exposure, hone your writing skills and maybe win the attention of an agent/editor/publisher.  Here’s one that I thought was good and it is open until Oct. 6.  Have fun and good luck!

From Marisa Iozzi Corvisiero’s blog:

I have been invited by the ever gracious and wonderful Chuck Sambuchino to host a contest on his Blog for cross genre Paranormal or Urban Fantasy Romance novels. Chuck is the author and keeper of the “Guide to Literary Agents” published yearly by Reader’s Digest, and among other great titles, his most recent How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack, which was released last week.


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Which do you prefer? hardback, paperback . . . or Kindle?

So, I looked at a Kindle yesterday and in one instant I decided it wasn’t for me.  There is something about holding a real book in my hands that I just can’t get from an electronic device.  Oh, I see all the great things about it, but the pluses weren’t enough to sway me to buy one.  The experience did leave me with the question running around in  my mind – since I don’t like electronic reading devices, what do I prefer to read . . . hardbacks or paperbacks?

Without a doubt, hardbacks are my favorite.  Hardbacks are ‘classic’ and they represent to me the ‘first print.’  Paperbacks have always seemed to me to be the ‘re-release’ of the book world, you know, like the dollar movie on its second and third run.  I know a lot of folks love paperbacks and there is nothing wrong with them.  I own quite a few, but I really like the weight, the meat of a hardback.  I also like the way they look on my book shelves.  🙂

I also like to collect books and am lucky to own several hardbacks with suede, leather, and engraved covers.  They’re old and beautiful to look at.  You just can’t get that with a paperback.

What about you?  Which do you prefer and why?