Mass Paperback Publisher Goes All Digital

In case you haven’t heard:

As digital books continue to gain market share, one of the country’s oldest mass paperback publishers is abandoning its traditional print books and making its titles available in digital format and print-on-demand only.

Dorchester Publishing Inc., a closely held book and magazine house, said it is making the switch after its book unit sales fell 25% last year, in part because of declining orders from some of its key retail accounts, including Wal-Mart Stores Inc. A spokeswoman for Wal-Mart declined comment.

I wonder what will happen with childrens’ books, especially picture books, if this is a sign of the times.  Will children in the future have to view their books online?  Will children of the future never know what it’s like to hold a real book and turn real pages?  Our books we have now will become relics, artifacts of a long ago generation.  Eventually, POD will become obsolete as more and more generations turn to technology to provide literary entertainment.  Printing presses will cease to exist.  The art of book binding will be lost except in some parts of the world.  While I’m all up for technology, there’s no way a Kindle can provide me the creature comforts of a real book.  There’s just something about curling up with a real book and a hot cup of coffee to take away the stress of the day.  And when I’m gone from this life, my books will continue on forever, the written word handed down from generation to generation.  How many can say that about a Kindle?


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