What is your ‘fun” addiction?

Outside of writing, family and friends, what is your ‘fun’ addiction?  What is the one fun thing you feel like you need to do every day and if you don’t, well, you just feel sort of like you haven’t completed your day?

Many writers delve into the other aspect of the arts:  painting, sculpting, drawing, acting.  Others lose themselves in music or sports.  Me?  I turn to two things:  walks on the beach at sunset and an online video game – Wizard 101.

I can’t help myself.  I LOVE this game.  Yes, it was designed for kids, older kids, but trust me when I say there are plenty of adults on this game, and they love it.

It has a Harry Potter sort of theme:  young wizards set out on various quests through the ‘spiral’ to find and defeat the evil wizard, Malistaire.  There are six worlds the young wizards must traverse to reach level 50 where the ‘students’ become a Grand Master wizard.  Each world has many, many levels to keep the players engaged and moving forward to the Grand Master goal and beating Malistaire. 

I love this game for many reasons:  it’s fun, it’s a great way to chat with others from around the world, and as a writer of young adult and teen fiction, it gives me the opportunity to ‘hear’ young adult speech and ‘hear’ what they are talking about and what concerns them.  During ‘battles’, it is not unusual to hear kids (many of which know each other in ‘real life’) talk to other kids about their parents, school or boyfriend/girlfriend issues.   It provides a unique perspective for me to write my young people’s voices with accuracy. 

So, if you like RPG games, I invite you to join me and my three wizards, grand master life wizard, Gabrielle Pearleyes, grand master fire wizard, Olivia Swiftsong or ice wizard, Savannah Summerwhisper, in the spiral.


One thought on “What is your ‘fun” addiction?

  1. I’ve done a lot of these. PC-based, web-based, I’ve sacrificed a ton of my days and nights to the Time Lords. *lol*

    My addiction is facebook. And after November I really need to slack off on it and re-focus on writing.


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