Naming your characters

I have a hard time beginning my short stories or novels if I haven’t found the perfect name for a character.  I’ve tried using aliases or temporary names but my brain seems to shut down until ‘the name’  is born.

How do you choose first/last names for your characters and where do you find them? Are there any rules you follow in general when it comes to deciding?


2 thoughts on “Naming your characters

  1. Usually a name will come to me fairly easily before starting the novel. Like you, it’s hard to begin writing without having settled on the right name, but on the few occasions where I haven’t hit on it yet, I will pick the name of an actor/tv personality or even book character that I feel my character’s goals/needs mirror. That way I can go ahead and write the book, be in the character’s head effectively and then later, when the right name comes to me, I can switch the borrowed name out for the proper one. 🙂

    Happy writing,

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


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