Character Name wanted

Calling all authors.  I’m looking for help with a character name and I am open to all suggestions.

For those of you who don’t know, I am writing a fantasy YA novel tentatively entitled In the Shadow of the Dragon King (short synopsis on main page).  In the hero’s (David’s) quest, he comes across a rebel band of kids, many of which are shapeshifters.  The leader of this group is Ravenhawk, a dark-haired seventeen-year old who shifts into a black hawk but in his human form is wicked mean with a bow and arrow.

I have another kid who shapeshifts into a fox, but his personality is nowhere near to that of a fox.  In his human form, he’s shy, he stutters, has buck teeth, and is about as quiet as a suit of armour falling down a flight of stairs.  I am looking for a cool and catchy name for his ‘fox’ name.  His human name is Cain.

I would love to see your suggestions and as ‘payment’ for your help, should I choose the name you suggest, I will offer a free critique of the first chapter of your novel, up to 1,500 words.

2 thoughts on “Character Name wanted

  1. I’m having a character naming issue, too.

    I’d be curious to know the human/animal names of some of your other characters.

    Now, as I haven’t read the work, I write this a little bit blindly. It sounds like having multiple names for characters could be a little bit confusing.

    However, you know what your doing better than I do, so here are some foxy suggestions if you haven’t already named this guy:



    1. Hi Sarah:

      Thank you for your suggestions. I liked all of your suggestions and am certain to use one or two in the second book in the Fallhollow series.

      After much thought and deliberation for the very reason you mentioned, I decided to stick with one name for my shapeshifting animals/people. I chose my names after studying extensive Irish and Celtic names lists. These names seemed fitting to my characters.

      I decided on Killian for my fox character. It means small, fierce.

      My other shifters are:

      Tristan (a black bear). It means bold, tumultuous

      Cace Ravenhawk (he is my only animal shifter that has two names. He gave himself the last name of Ravenhawk because he transforms into a black hawk. His parents abandoned him at the age of four when they discovered he was different. He was raised by a woodsman who named him Cace. It means observant, alert. The woodsman was mauled to death by the main antagonist of my story, a massive dragon by the name of Einar, which means ‘warrior, leader’.)

      Quinn is an owl. His name means ‘wise’.

      Arden is a raccoon. His name means ‘eager’.

      Nara is a doe. Her name means ‘contented’

      and last but not least is Ginessa. She is a falcon. Her name means ‘white as foam’.

      Please share your name dilemma. Perhaps others can give you ideas, too.


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