Character Name wanted

Calling all authors.  I’m looking for help with a character name and I am open to all suggestions.

For those of you who don’t know, I am writing a fantasy YA novel tentatively entitled In the Shadow of the Dragon King (short synopsis on main page).  In the hero’s (David’s) quest, he comes across a rebel band of kids, many of which are shapeshifters.  The leader of this group is Ravenhawk, a dark-haired seventeen-year old who shifts into a black hawk but in his human form is wicked mean with a bow and arrow.

I have another kid who shapeshifts into a fox, but his personality is nowhere near to that of a fox.  In his human form, he’s shy, he stutters, has buck teeth, and is about as quiet as a suit of armour falling down a flight of stairs.  I am looking for a cool and catchy name for his ‘fox’ name.  His human name is Cain.

I would love to see your suggestions and as ‘payment’ for your help, should I choose the name you suggest, I will offer a free critique of the first chapter of your novel, up to 1,500 words.