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The inspiring sea shell

What is there not to love about sea shells?  Like fingerprints, snowflakes and all living things, they are fascinating and unique.  They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and no two are exactly the same.  Some are pointed, some are round.  Some hold treasures inside.  Others are treasures to those that find them.  All were created, but most important, none are insignificant.  

Each shell on the beach has had a tough life.  They’ve been  lived in, eaten, spit out, buried, kicked-up, and tossed and tumbled around their whole lives.  Each precious shell had to fight so hard to keep from being crushed by the pounding surf.  Somehow they manage to persevere, to stay strong, resilient and make it through the rough seas before coming to rest along the peaceful shore.  They may have scars and battle wounds, some may even be broken, but they are all beautiful because of their imperfections, not in spite of them. 

Each shell along the beach has its own story of sorrow, of tears, of pain.  As the sea tossed them to and fro, they found courage and strength to survive. They never gave up.  While a few lucky ones may emerge from the carnage unscathed, most will have flaws, but they endured.  More importantly, they did not do it alone.  All around each shell are hundreds of others who have made the same journey, some worse, some better for the wear, but they all made it and they made it together.  They are not ashamed of their scars or the stories buried deep inside.  

If you ask me, we can learn a lot from sea shells.  Don’t you agree?

Here are a few sea shells from my personal collection.  I found these on local beaches on the west coast of Florida from Ft. Desoto to Clearwater Beach.  The shells are:

sea shells - various

from left to right:  Florida Auger, murex, shark eye, paper fig

sea shells various 2

from left to right:  worm shell, turkey wing

sea shells - sand dollar and olive

from left to right:  Sand Dollar, lettered olive

sea shells - lightning welk

From left to right:  lightning welk, banded tulip

sea shells - conchs

Fighting conchs

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Quote of the Day:

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